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Lucien is a neuroscientist that works in the Lucien Bioscience Research Center.

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Gavin is a skilled police captain with the Evol, Wind Control.

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Kiro is a popular superstar and idol known for his charming looks.

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Victor is the CEO of the Loveland Financial Group.

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"Mr Love: Queen's Choice" is a dating sim and visual novel app, developed by Paper Games and published by ELEX. It mixes various traditional elements of this game genre such as card gachas, a message and call system, and story segments. You assume the role of the heroine, trying to develop your own business, while getting tangled in a mess of secrets along the way.

Who will be your soul mate? Mr Love: Queen's Choice is a romance simulation game that gives you the opportunity to text, chat and even call the main characters while developing your own career as a media producer. In a world filled with superpowers, fantasy, and surprise, you will experience a girl’s whole life and get deeply involved with four male characters, feeling their romance, love, mystery and conflict in a deep story spanning dozens of episodes.

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Where My Heart Is Themed Event
August 6th - August 20th

Holiday Journal Event
August 5th - August 14th

Dawn Stone Drops for a Limited Time
August 3rd - August 9th


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Episode 5 Released
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Also broadcasted on TOKYO MX, Sun TV, BS Nippon Television, and AT-X every Wednesday.

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