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Love can lead people into traps. But now... you still have time to get away.

- Lucien

Lucien is a neuroscientist that works in the Lucien Bioscience Research Center. He is also a professor at the Loveland University and is one of the four love interests of MC.


Lucien is a tall, young man with a sturdy physique. He has short, black hair with violet eyes. He usually appears donning a white lab coat, a dark black suit with black dress pants, and leather shoes.


Lucien portrays a detached personality with a monotone voice although in times concerning the protagonist, he will convey raw emotions and a very distinctive possessiveness. In public, he assumes a friendly, easy-going and calm exterior, and on more occasions than one, can be exceedingly and heedlessly flirtatious and romantic. However, as the story progresses, it soon showed that Lucien's "light-hearted' personality was rather a decoy to mask his darker and expressive self.


Overall Abilities: Lucien is a genius scientist that is greatly known for his psychological and biological studies. He is able to theorize and pinpoint occurrences for strange phenomena through diagrams and explanations.

Hypnosis: Lucien hypnotized the protagonist to help her with her nightmares. He verifies this in a call in Chapter 10.

Evol: He's been shown erecting force fields and teleporting himself and others unknown distances in earlier chapters. It is later revealed he can copy others' Evols and use them for his own will.


  • In the anime, it is visually known that Lucien's surroundings were black and white before noticing that MC was the only one who emitted color.
  • In the anime in Episode 6, when MC and Lucien met as children, it revealed that MC used to call Lucien “Onii-chan”.


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